Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Closed Saturdays Closing @ Noon on Friday, Dec 24th & Closed Monday Dec 27th for Christmas Closing @ 3 PM on Friday, Dec 31st for New Years AFTER WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH - WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT BONELESS TRIM - NO WHOLE DEER AND NO TRIM WITH BONES DEER PRICES MAY VARY FROM BROCHURE, DUE TO COVID, INGREDIENT PRICES ARE FLUCTUATING WEEKLY.
Tel: 701.437.3311
Fax: 701.437.3310
Deposit of $165 on all deer orders
DEER SAUSAGE PRICES MAY VARY FROM BROCHURE DUE TO COVID, INGREDIENT PRICES ARE FLUCTUATING WEEKLY - HOPE to have 2021 prices posted before Friday Deer & Antelope Processing - $165 Quarter Deer - $170 **$20 discount on whole deer processing if 25# or more sausage processed thru smokehouse orders** Deer & Antelope Caping - $45 Skinned Skull for European Mount - $25 (flesh not removed) Elk Processing - $300 Moose Processing - $360

Deer brought in without hide - extra $5.00 Deer with tendons cut - extra $5.00 Deer without head - extra $10.00 Deboning deer leg (when not on whole carcass) - $22 Note: If extensive cleaning or handling is needed, charges will be applied accordingly. A $12 handling fee will be charged on all boneless trim brought in for further processing. (It covers the paperwork to keep meat separate.)

Welcome to Maple Valley Meats
Maple Valley Meats has always
taken pride in doing the very best job in processing wild game. MVL is a second generation family-owned business. Besides living and working in the Enderlin area, we are also hunters and we personally know what a huge disappointment it is if the harvest
isn’t properly processed! Using this personal experience, and hearing feedback from hundreds of repeat customers, MVL has evolved a wild game process that guarantees your own deer or other animal back. We will cut, and wrap under your directions and we are always willing to go that extra mile. After all , we at MVL are committed to repeat business and only satisfied customers come back though our doors again!
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